Keep your data safe and your business compliant with regulations

Compliance regulations are rapidly becoming stricter and more complex, even as fines for data breaches are increasing.

While compliance regulations vary slightly, their objectives are the same: to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to compliance. Solutions need to be appropriate for your industry, your data, and your devices. Illumin8 makes the complex simple, delivering streamlined recommendations that leverage industry best practices to meet your compliance mandates.

Meeting the Compliance Challenge

Illumin8 offers a full suite of consulting and managed services to address your information security and compliance needs.

Compliance Consulting

Navigating regulatory compliance can be very challenging for organizations. Our security consultants quickly identify which regulations, frameworks, and best practices are likely to apply to your organization, and provide a roadmap to develop and implement compliance programs and policies.

Security Policies

Security policies should be well documented, reviewed, and maintained on a regular basis. Our experienced security consultants provide everything your organization needs for rapid development and implementation of information security policies to meet strict compliance mandates.

Compliance Training

Most breaches can be traced back to human error. Research has shown that for cyber training to be effective it needs to be ongoing. Our security consultants develop training programs based upon your organization’s security policies, train employees, then simulate phishing programs to test the effectiveness of your security policies.

Asset Management

To maintain compliance you must discover, manage, and track your organization’s hardware and software. Our managed inventory control makes it easier to recognize an unauthorized device or software on your network, alerting you to threats so you can…

Vulnerability Management

Proactively address security and compliance risks as they arise with continuous, ongoing vulnerability management. Our managed vulnerability solutions continuously scan your network for vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit, and notify you of them before they become an issue.

Log Management

System logs from your firewalls, servers and workstations are security and compliance relevant. Our log management system stores and correlates your data, which can be used to as forensic analysis to investigate a potential data breach.

Managed SIEM

Instead of using multiple products for your compliance, our managed SIEM meets all of your essential security compliance requirements. We provide you with the customized reports you need for compliance, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

PCI-DSS Compliance
HIPPA Compliance

Stay Ahead of Risks & Ensure Compliance