Cyber Security

Protect your data and stay ahead of risks

If you were under a cyber attack, how would you know? Every day, companies face data breaches, cyber threats, and security risks from a multitude of sources. Networks get breached, customer information gets stolen, and companies must deal with the associated costs and reputational harm.

Illumin8 is a vital ally in your fight against cyber security threats. We shine a light on vulnerabilities, transform data into insight, and empower your team to strengthen security and stay ahead of risks.

Right-Sized Security Solutions

Illumin8 delivers expert consulting and customized solutions that simplify security, ensure compliance, and protect your business from ever-changing cyber threats.

Navigating the waters of cyber security and compliance is easier with a trusted and experienced partner. Illumin8 eliminates complexity, providing organizations across the globe with streamlined, actionable plans that reduce risk and go beyond compliance.

Proactively address security and compliance risks as they arise with continuous, ongoing vulnerability management. Our managed vulnerability solutions continuously scan your network for vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit, and notify you of them before they become an issue.

Keeping up with today’s dynamic cyber attacks and advanced persistent threats requires constant vigilance. We provide continuous security monitoring and reporting at affordable rates, helping you to confidently manage and improve your risk posture on an ongoing basis.

Compliance regulations are rapidly becoming stricter and more complex, even as fines for data breaches are increasing. Illumin8 makes the complex simple, delivering streamlined recommendations that leverage industry best practices to meet your compliance mandates.

Don't wait until you've been hacked