Security Consulting

Helping clients reduce risk and go beyond compliance

Navigating the waters of cyber security and compliance is easier with a trusted and experienced partner. Illumin8 eliminates complexity, providing organizations across the globe with streamlined, actionable plans that reduce risk and go beyond compliance.

We provide independent, white hat counsel based on the best practices for your industry. With more than two decades experience designing and implementing the best IT security solutions, our trusted security consultants will help you stay one step ahead of cyber attackers.

Our Process

To protect a business you have to first understand it. We work closely with your team to analyze your unique needs, then create a straightforward plan of incremental steps to help you reach – and surpass – your compliance and information security goals.


Our security consultants will review your security needs to discover your specific requirements and compliance goals. Our goal is to listen, understand, and review.


Next, we conduct an inventory, policy, and historic performance review. This may include a vulnerability analysis, if needed. We also assess the processes, technology, and readiness maturity levels within your organization.


To gain a holistic perspective of your needs, interviews will be conducted with selected representatives throughout your organization, not just security-related personnel.


Once we fully understand your unique security challenges, we research the latest successful cyber efforts in your industry, for your systems. Our security consultants than brainstorm techniques and applications that are best suited for your organization.


Using data-based insights, our security consultants will prepare a report that summarizes our conclusions and recommendations. The report will include a summary analysis of your security risks, a comparison of solution actions and recommendations, and an easy to follow roadmap to help you reach – and surpass – your compliance and information security goals.

Strengthen Your Security Posture