Security Monitoring

Advanced 24/7/365 SIEM security monitoring at an affordable rate

Cyber attacks happen very fast and are rapidly increasing as malicious agents look to exploit network vulnerabilities in small and midsize organizations. Illumin8 makes network security monitoring easy and affordable with our managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, helping you detect critical threats in real-time, respond quickly, and stay ahead of hackers.

We continuously monitor and analyze your network logs for early detection of malicious activity on your network, then help you respond appropriately. Real-time threat Intelligence enables our expert team to analyze threats as they emerge, remove the false positives, notify you of important security alerts and map out an easy-to-follow plan for remediation so your important data stays secure.

Security Monitoring SIEMplified

Staffed 24/7/365 by highly trained US security analysts and SIEM engineers, our stress-free monitoring will improve your security position within hours.

Intrusion Detection

Our advanced SIEM mines millions of log files each hour, removing noise and false positives. When a threat is recognized, our expert security analysts research the cause and provide resolution.

Incident Response

Illumin8 guides you through the remediation process and helps you document the resolution for compliance.

User Monitoring

User behavior monitoring with context is critical to pinpoint internal breaches and uncover misuse. Investigating suspicious behavior and policy violations is a common requirement for compliance reporting.

Log Management

System logs from your firewall, servers and workstations provide security relevant data. We collect, store, index, search, correlate, visualize and analyze your log files to develop context and research abnormalities, according to best practices from SANS and CIS.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence provides us with real time, relevant, actionable insight, which helps us identify abnormal activity, assess the risk to your business, and prioritize response.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms produce critical insights, distinguishing between normal behavior and actual threats, and creating predictive models.

Vulnerability Management

Our vulnerability management continuously monitors your network assets, finds the weak spots, and outlines remediation steps, so that you can resolve the issues before hackers can exploit them.

Compliance Reports

Be audit ready with daily, weekly or monthly custom reports that help you understand what’s happening on your network and meet your compliance goals.


24/7/365 Security Monitoring

Our stress-free approach to continuous security monitoring gives you peace of mind that your network is being monitored around the clock by expert US security analysts.

Experienced Security Experts

You know how difficult it is to hire experienced security analysts in-house. Our team is composed of experienced and highly trained US security experts. We offer 24/7/365 security monitoring for less than the cost of hiring an engineer.

Save Money

Historically, security monitoring has only been adopted by large enterprises as it is expensive to deploy, complex to tune, and takes a lot of manpower to manage. Illumin8 delivers a comprehensive managed SIEM solution that makes advanced security monitoring stress-free, effective and affordable for organizations of all sizes.

Achieve & Maintain Compliance

Focus on your business, not compliance. Compliance standards such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST and SOX dictate that you have auditable monitoring and log retention. Our managed SIEM solution makes it easy to demonstrate compliance, keeping your data secure and allowing you to focus on what you do best. 

100% US Based Solution

Many large managed security providers outsource their work to countries where labor is cheaper and unregulated – and they do not conduct background checks.

Sharing vulnerability information with low paid analysts in a foreign country puts your network at risk. Plus the laws of foreign countries govern your data, which is why we are a 100% American service provider.

Our security operations center is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts with a highly trained, vetted all-American team that will diligently protect your data from falling into the wrong hands.

Save Money & Secure Your Network